Healthy Skinnytaste Lasagna Soup

Skinnytaste Lasagna Soup

This article discusses how to make healthy lasagna soup in the Instant Pot or slow cooker. The soup can be made with gluten free noodles, and optionally contains vegetables, meat, and cheese. – The lasagna soup is great for those following a gluten free diet. Start by sautéing zucchini in olive oil, then add the other ingredients to your slow cooker or Instant Pot. Place the layer of lasagna noodles in the bottom of the slow cooker and pour a layer of broth over top. Add the sautéed vegetables, then top with ready-made lasagna noodles.

Break the lasagna noodles into pieces, and add them to the cooking soup. Spray a large stock pot with cooking spray, and cook for 5 minutes. Then add 2 cups of sauce, and stir until combined. Add in some spinach (2-inch pieces) and two bay leaves, then simmer on low heat for 30 minutes. When it is done cooking, remove the bay leaves from the bottom of the pot. Serve hot with your favorite toppings! Healthy Skinnytaste Lasagna Soup is easy to make with only 30 minutes of preparation time!

This delicious slow cooker soup is packed with flavorful ingredients like broth, tomato sauce, marinara sauce, garlic and crushed red pepper. It also includes broken lasagna noodles and vegetables like mushrooms, bell pepper and bay leaves. To start the recipe, heat a tablespoon of olive oil in a large pot over medium-high heat and add the vegetables. Sauté for 3 minutes or until they are lightly browned. Add the broth, tomato sauce and marinara sauce to the pot along with salt and pepper to taste. Next add the mushrooms and garlic followed by the broken lasagna noodles. Top off with 1/4 cup of water or additional broth if needed. Cover the pot with a lid and simmer for 15 minutes or until all of the liquid has been absorbed by the noodles. Finally stir in crushed red pepper flakes for an extra kick of flavor before serving!

Skinnytaste Lasagna Soup

Healthy Skinnytaste Lasagna Soup is a full meal that’s packed with fiber, protein, and low fat ground meat. The recipe calls for using just ground turkey but you can also use higher fat ground meat if desired. To give it a bit more flavor, start by adding one tablespoon of olive oil to a large pot and then add the ground turkey. After cooking the turkey for about 5 minutes, add in your favorite vegetables like onions and garlic. Continue cooking until the vegetables are tender before adding canned tomatoes, broth, and lentil lasagna noodles. Simmer for about 20 minutes until the noodles are cooked before stirring in some freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

To heat a large soup pot, add some olive oil and cook ground turkey and sausage until it’s lightly browned. Once the turkey and sausage have cooked, cover with the remaining meat sauce, breaking up the sausage as you go. Then break a few noodles into the pot and arrange a few more on top of them. Add in the sausage, cover with some more sauce, then place in an oven set to medium heat for about 10 minutes. Remove from oven and use a spoon or spatula to move around any noodles that may be sticking to each other.


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